LCR Enterprises, LLC

 Henry L. Butler
 Co-Chairman & CEO, Founder                                                                                      
Business Development Consultant                                                               MBE\FBE\DBE Expertise

Henry L. Butler  leads LCR’s diversity supply chain management and diversity and inclusion consulting practices as a 33 year veteran of the diversity and inclusion arena.  Butler guides institutional clients as well as small, disadvantaged businesses and service providers to maximize outcomes in various projects in the marketplace. The goal: to broaden and to sustain opportunities for diverse commerce. Disadvantaged businesses include minority, female, veteran and other publicly recognized “disadvantaged businesses.”

Butler understands the corporate or institutional client’s priority to create, maintain or exceed its disadvantaged participation metrics as a measure of quality control and of effective outreach within the community. Under his leadership, LCR provides clients with vetted candidates to select for the project. This inclusive approach positions the client as an entity that endorses the success of the business. This role and message of inclusion are critical to address economic challenges that would be met by small and large businesses collaborating for economic development opportunities. Sample client services include: identification and vetting of businesses/vendors; presentation of candidates to client for its review, and consulting support for businesses/vendors as needed.  Butler has designed and performed stakeholder diplomacy services to protect varied interests and  to promote compromise conducive to the group’s shared priority.

 Stacey E. Polk                                                                                                                                              Co-Chairman & President                                                                                      Sustainability & Economic Development Consultant    

Stacey E. Polk leads the sustainability and economic development services for LCR.  In this role, Polk directs new project development, project structuring, team building, strategic project resources, and budgeting. Polk’s approach to these services encompasses LCR’s diversity and inclusion services as well. She believes that authentic sustainability honors and implements diversity. LCR practices authentic sustainability – using today’s resources responsibly for enjoyment by the next several generations.   

Polk has more than twenty years’ experience as legal counsel, consultant or executive to  profit and nonprofit organizations (including political bodies). In her economic development career, Polk has won and collected several million dollars in federal, state and local grant funds for clients. At LCR, Polk views and works on sustainability and economic development as matters of interrelated value – best outcomes reflect that the sustainable brings lasting economic value and the economic brings both social and environmental sustainability.