LCR Enterprises, LLC


• Educate our Clients  - guide economic development discussions relevant to the priorities of stakeholders and  educate them on how to frame the discussion to gain support for those priorities.

• Create Partnerships - identify potential teaming partners among disadvantaged and majority contractors that may be conducive to forming joint ventures.

• Assist with Capital Formation -introduce conventional or unconventional capital resources to the client to  meet its current or long term needs.

• Help Clients Achieve their Diversity Goals - our clients may enjoy dedicating their resources to what they do best - running their business while we chart their diversity path.

• Foster New Opportunities for Growth - determine if there exist non- traditional areas of spend that may be evaluated for expansion or teaming.

• Assist Clients in Navigating the Processes for Merger, Acquisition and Growth - determine the suitable approach to building capacity for the opportunity.  Is it organic growth or merger that's on the horizon?